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What is STAFF? STAFF (Storing Treasures Automated Financial Foundation) is a web-based education platform that allows the user to actually complete a personalized plan. It is an 8 session course (each session is about 15-20 minutes a piece) focused on the following areas:

A peek into STAFF, money management software
  • Financial personality
  • Communication regarding finances
  • Value system
  • Spending analysis (where am I today?)
  • Net worth (why is it important and how to complete one)
  • Debt and debt reduction
  • Savings and investing
  • Taxes and insurance (a quick top 10 on each)
  • Giving
  • Setting up a spending plan
  • Where do I start?
  • Goal setting and wrapping it all together

After each session is completed, the user completes a quick “application” that uses their own personal information. At the end of the course, a 20 page report is available as is a certificate of completion. And here is the best part: that report can be updated when information is updated.

And to help in setting goals, recommendations are offered in the report based on the person’s unique financial personality and based on information they have entered.

There you have it – a unique “personalized” program that actually provides a tangible report that can be used time and time again.

Ready to learn more?

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View a sample report you receive with the STAFF program