Help clients create a plan that works for them

OK, so you see the value in STAFF and would like to be able to offer this to your clients by integrating it into your current offerings as one of your own. Introducing the STAFF White Label Program – designed to offer you your own configurable financial coaching program.

Benefits include:

  • Branding options with your logo and specific organization information
  • Ability to tailor into your own workflows to offer added value to clients
  • Survey options in each session to get real time data as to how to serve your clients better
  • Monthly reporting options on status of your clients in completing the course
  • Revenue opportunities by integrating into your own process
  • Marketing benefits to show the value of your own organization and the commitment to online financial coaching
  • With your client’s permission, the ability for them to show you their specific financial information so you can serve them better – in a fraction of the time that it used to take

Contact us today to learn about white label opportunities for your organization.