STAFF Overview

Free your clients

from the worries over debt and money

STAFF (Storing Treasures Automated Financial
Foundation) is a web-based education platform
designed to help your clients improve their
financial lives.

Financial Personality

The power of

financial personality

Discovering financial personality and understanding
how it affects decisions is the key to financial success.
Financial Personality is an important part of the
STAFF program throughout all eight sessions.

Positive Results

Completed report

with recommendations

Your clients will receive a certificate of completion
and a 20 page financial report with specific
recommendations based on their
financial personality.

Financial personality

Our financial personalities are driven by specific traits that define how we think and how we behave financially. This is the first step in developing an individualized program that can be sustained for life.

Help clients create a plan that works for them

We address the issues that cause financial progress to stall. Through a review of your client’s financial personality, values, goals, and overall financial health, we can provide a framework for financial success.

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