Our clients say it best about the STAFF program:

In relation to Financial Personality:

“The financial personality section described me perfectly and helped me realize that I need to start taking risks! I tend to play it too safe.”

“I am a Cruise Director. It was really good to know that I am not the only one that has control issues when it comes to spending. In fact there are so many that there is a category for us that is all our own! But besides that, by being able to identify who I am, I was able to identify the things I can do to better equip myself in the future with my money.”

“I’m analytical and a Statesman and now I see why I compromise and can get off track.”

“My financial personality is God-given and was excellent at giving me insight on what and what not to do.”

“I’m a Cruise Director- The best was when I learned that after each snowball pay off, I could then have money to spend on whatever I wanted! In the past, I did it the way I thought it should be done even though it went against my personality……that is why I could never get out of debt.”

“I found the mission on financial personality for the entire course to be very interesting and life changing.”

Most beneficial part of the STAFF course:
“The entire course gave me simple and effective guidelines that I can follow to reach my financial goals.”

“The spending plan session was the best part of the class because it let me know where all my money was going.”

“Storing Treasures helped me to identify the type of spender I am and based off of that information I was able to take the appropriate steps to monitor and adjust my spending habits.”

“Entering my debts and how to go about paying those off…based on my financial personality.”

“The entire program was very educational and I plan to use all of it in setting up my plan.”

“The session in setting up a spending plan was very educational. I have always found sticking to a budget difficult when
unforeseen bills arise. Your program was very good and broke things down in a very understanding way.”

“STAFF has helped me take a hard look at my finances and set up realistic goals.”

“This program was very educational in regards to setting up a financial plan. I have always written out by monthly bills and attempted to stick to the plan; however, life happens and things do not always work out as planned. Setting up the STAFF financial plan helps me being able to free up funds quicker than what I had planned in the past.”

“All of the sessions were of value because they built on each other and all lead to the ultimate decision of setting goals. Session eight was very valuable as this is where I set my short, medium, and long term goals.”

“Yes laid everything out for me so that I can really see what needs to be done in order to get my finances on the right track me and my son’s future.”

“I now see that student loan debt is having a major impact on my future. I plan to go through it again and focus on this area specifically.”

Some comments from seminar participants…

Robert Miller Group/Commerce Plaza

“100% of participants rated content and presentation as excellent and that they would absolutely put the principles into practice.”

“The program helped me find out my personality and the steps in becoming debt free. Also, I was grateful for the resources made available to us.”

“Personal examples from the conference were very helpful and enlightening.”

“The empathy expressed without judgment was appreciated!”

“The fact that I actually could see where my money was being spent was helpful. I also learned that my personality was a factor in how I spend my money.”

ICX Tactical

“100% of all participants indicated they definitely or probably will use the principles in the day to day handling of their finances.”

“Each session had very good information about what you need to do.”

“The sessions made me think about things that I usually overlook and made me realize how lazy I have gotten in my money.”

“The program helped me learn new techniques to save some money and help pay down my debt.”

“Each session had very good information about what you need to do.”

“Lunch ‘n learn sessions were easy to understand and had simple steps to follow.”

Centurion Advisory Group

“100% of all participants rated the presentation and content as excellent or good.”

“It was easy to interact with each other and presenters.”

“I enjoyed discussing our personalities and how we can open up communication.”

“Light bulbs went off regarding why my spouse and I spend as we do.”

“Personality piece is unique and very useful.”

“Content was very useful for thinking through how personality affects financial decisions.”