Big benefits for employees

Receive personalized financial recommendations

Employees receive specific recommendations based on their financial personality. The 20 page report highlights critical areas such as value systems, net worth, debt and debt reduction, setting up a plan, goal setting and much more.

Complete on your timetable

Employees will have the opportunity to go through a unique financial education platform at their own pace. This can be completed one-on-one, in lunch and learns, small groups, or classroom environments. Bottom line: Employees can complete at any time that is convenient to them.

Ongoing support and education

Employees will benefit from the ability to view the entire program at any time, make changes to their information, and complete new reports for review. They will have access to ongoing financial education as well as advanced topics that will be completed in 2014.

Reduce outside stress in the workplace

By providing an online tool and personalized advice for employees, a key benefit of the program is the reduction of stressful financial decisions, which can affect work performance.

And big benefits for employers, too!

Reduce outside stress and enhance HR department stays

One of the key aspects of the program is to take the pressure off of HR departments regarding questions on financial issues and benefits. A key goal is to relieve workload and stress of benefits education.

Focus on the things that matter

As the owner of a business, you need to focus on the company mission. With STAFF supporting your business, you can invest your time in growing your business with assurance that employees have a reliable source to go to for financial education.