STAFF Overview

Impact profitability

by providing a key benefit

Personal financial coaching provides
direction and clarity that allows employees
to be more productive and experience
improved work satisfaction.

Workplace Training

Value-added benefits

to enhance an employee's financial health

Storing Treasures provides introductory courses
and training to help employees understand the
basics of personal finance, including values and
goals, debt reduction, savings and investments,
and more.

Measurable Results

Financial coaching

that yields positive results

Employees receive confidential insights
on their progress and a complete plan
with personalized recommendations.

Benefits for employees & employers

Give your employees a real benefit: a healthy financial life. As an employer, benefits are one of the most substantive ways that you can demonstrate a value-added organization to your employees.

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Workplace training clients/programs

Robert Miller Group: Commerce, Henderson Mill
Marketplace Ministries
ICX Tactical
PSP Digital and Print
Centurion Advisory Group
For My Sisters
Eckardt Electric