Follow a practical and biblically-based approach

Honor your God-given talents

Our goal is to help others change destructive behaviors not aligned with their values and teach Biblical principles of Giving, Saving, Debt, and Planning. Our approach to stewardship allows participants to understand their God-given talents and apply that to their relationships, communication, and financial results.

Learn to work within your personality

The Financial Personality Assessment is the cornerstone of the entire Storing Treasures program. Our financial personalities are driven by specific traits that define how we think and behave financially. This is the first step in developing an individualized program that can be sustained for life.

Build a stronger congregation

The Storing Treasures survey is a one-of-a-kind tool to evaluate the financial health of your members. You will receive outstanding insight into the needs of your congregation and a customized financial program that will benefit your church for years to come. View “Surveying Your Church’s Financial Health” to learn more about how you can serve the needs of your congregation through a unique survey process.

Another great example of benefits for your church can be found in this sample Giving Analysis. This report highlights congregational giving over a three-year period and demonstrates improved giving from participants of our program.

Rest assured with ongoing support

One of the many challenges in any new program is developing a systematic way to help your members over the long run. As a result, we have developed the STAFF program to provide an automated organization program for individuals and families. This program also provides a connection from the user back to Storing Treasures for individual assistance and questions. Learn more about STAFF and our ongoing commitment.