Church Program Overview

Financial freedom

for your church and/or congregation

Your belief system drives your life. The STAFF
Financial Program follows a practical and
biblically-based approach to help you and/or
your congregation achieve your goals.

Financial Personality

The power of

understanding financial personalities

Change occurs as a result of understanding
ourselves and others. Financial personality
is a fun and inviting approach to help your
congregation develop an individualized
program they can sustain for life.

Customized Financial Plan

Outstanding insight

into the needs of your congregation

Our financial survey is a one-of-a-kind tool
to evaluate the financial health of your
members. We'll use the results to build
a customized financial program that will
benefit your church for years to come.

Positive Results

Financial coaching

that yields positive results

The leading cause of problems in a
relationship is personal finance.
Consider the benefits of the STAFF
Financial Coaching Program for
your congregation and all of its

Biblically-based approach

Our approach to stewardship allows participants to understand their God-given talents and apply that to their relationships, communication, and financial planning.

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Benefits for your congregation

Storing Treasures is committed to the development of a practical and biblically-based financial program that works for you and/or your congregation.

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