The STAFF Financial Network


Storing Treasures and Steven Julian (financial advisor with Cornerstone Private Client Group) have partnered together to create a unique networking opportunity. Steven and his networking team are using the STAFF financial education program to support business owners, employees and families after they complete a basic financial course. It is the first networking group tied to a financial education platform (STAFF- Storing Treasures Automated Financial Foundation) and allows the group to create their own unique program that is configurable to their clients and prospects. It also allows the participant to receive the support they need to move their financial plan to the next level.

“The STAFF program is the only financial education platform that provides specific guidance based on an individual’s financial personality”, explains Mike Haswell, President of Storing Treasures. “When this eight session program is complete, the people who complete the program receive a 20 page report that shows where to focus their time to move forward with their goals. We find there is a significant interest in families needing professionals in the community to help them move to the next level.”

“The issue with traditional networking is that success is tied completely to each member of the group passing leads to each other as the primary form of connection. I have found there is not a strong connection between network participants due to the lack of a common platform in which to cooperate”, explains Steven Julian, financial advisor. “With the STAFF program, the networking group is able to configure their own financial education program for ongoing support with professional needs.”

Network participants can ask questions, set up quizzes, add their own biographies, and receive reports that demonstrate the needs of those going through the course. Network participants then work together to share with others in the network for their own clients to receive support.

The network works best with a financial advisor, estate planner, insurance professional (auto, home, health, life and disability), personal and/or business banker, mortgage lender, CPA, as well as other professionals.  There is definitely room for creativity with network group members that could use the STAFF program to add value to their business relationships and receive referrals from other professionals.