The Cross Loganville

Storing Treasures highlights our client churches, organizations, and businesses. Our interview today is with Steve Traylor, Church Administrator, at The Cross Loganville.

Steve and Patty Traylor pic_steve

Steve, your church just went through a very recent name change from The Oasis Church to The Cross Loganville. Can you explain what prompted the change?

Tim Cash is our senior pastor and he had felt led to change the name of the church since he joined us a few years ago. The name change symbolizes a new beginning and a way to build trust within the church and our community. There are times in the course of history that God has transformed an individual through a name change – Abram to Abraham and Saul to Paul as examples. We have a wonderful church body and this was our way of looking to the future. We selected The Cross Loganville as the cross signifies stability throughout the course of history… the cross never fades away.

We had a terrific ceremony in September to unveil the name to the church and the community. Sid Bream (Atlanta Braves) came and shared with us how one event, that slide home in the 1991 playoffs, changed his life and gave him a platform of sharing Christ around the world.


What is the mission of The Cross Loganville?

Our mission is to reach Loganville and beyond with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our mission within the church and community is discipleship…growing people in an understanding of who Jesus is. We have many Christians who are new to the faith and need specific one on one or group discipleship so they can mature in their faith. Tim will be coordinating the same discipleship programs for the entire church this Fall. We will then be completing a 40 day prayer challenge in January as a church. Storing Treasures is also an example of how we bring discipleship to our church in the area of biblical financial management.


Steve, this is now the 4th Storing Treasure class that you have led and the 2nd with the new STAFF program. Tell me how this class has helped your members?

The personality profiles are a terrific way for people to understand themselves. Many of them will say they have never given any thought to how their personality impacts their financial decisions. Basically, they say that they now understand how they think and behave. The spending plan allows each person to prioritize their spending and focus on what is really important FIRST. This program has also allowed us to focus on giving and tithing… and we have seen a demonstrative impact on some in the class begin giving as a result.


How has the STAFF program improved the class for the participant?

There are quite a few ways. First, if they miss a class, they can complete that session at home and be prepared for the next class. Second, there is more interaction in the class as I am able to facilitate and leave the teaching to you over video and the educational sessions. Third, there is the report which shows them exactly where they stand and gives them specifics on how they can improve their finances over time…all based on their personality.

Storing Treasures is all about changing lives. Participants see they are not the only ones that struggle with their finances and it gives them hope for the future.