Technology and your finances- A new option

Technology has changed the way we interact with the world.  We use Smart Phones  to manage both our personal and professional lives. Tablets eliminate the stress of searching for the most popular book and allow us to conveniently enjoy our favorite novel.    Social media, Skype, YouTube, and blogs allow us to stay up to date with our family and friends.  And technology makes all this FUN!


Many of us struggle with getting personal financial management support because:

–      It’s too expensive 

–       It takes too much time.

–       Learning how to manage finances can be boring and tedious.

–       We are busy and need to do this on our timetable…..not someone else’s. 

Technology and online education is perfectly positioned to make a difference!  Storing Treasures is going to be focused on this issue going into 2013 in two ways. First, we will be highlighting different ways that technology can help you manage your finances. At times, the choices we have can seem overwhelming. We will focus on some key technology that will help you save time and money. is just one example of a website that allows you to find multiple ways to save money in a matter of minutes. 

Secondly, we will be  introducing a new online program in February 2013 that is designed just for you. STAFF is an automated online education program that will provide all the steps you need to complete a comprehensive plan for your finances. It is an educational step by step program that will walk you through the exact steps I complete with singles and couples for financial coaching. The STAFF program is:

–               Completely Online.

–               A plan for your family.

–               Centered around your financial personality.

–               Informative, educational, and interactive.

–               Easy to fit into your schedule…you can complete it any time.

–               Fun and engaging.

–               Designed for basic and advanced support. Advice from personal finance experts.

–               Inexpensive….  about $5.00 per session!

–               Stewardship focused.

More to come on this new program.  Storing Treasures will send a promotional video in December so you can see how this will be of value to you and/or your organization or church.