Your Economic Identity

Socrates stated that the unexamined life isn’t worth living. While that statement can be viewed as extreme, it is obvious that a key first step to living a virtuous and full life is knowing yourself. All of us, at one time or another, have wondered why some financial advice works for others but not us. Understanding ourselves financially is the driver behind meeting our financial goals.

Shane Satterfield, Marketplace Chaplains, shares with us in the video below how Economic Identity matters in our relationships and how it impacts our financial decisions for the future. Please watch the quick video and consider how financial behaviors play out in your family.
Your Economic Identity.avi
Your Economic Identity.avi
Shane has really identified an important issue….  Financial decisions based on other’s success, without a clear understanding of ourselves, can lead to frustration and anxiety. We are all uniquely wired and it is our financial personality that drives our behavior. There is no right or wrong economic identity and this process is not about changing who we are….it is a recognition that we each have specific strengths and weaknesses that we bring to the table. Each of us has two traits that influence how we think and two traits that influence how we behave regarding finances. By understanding how we think and behave, we can then make financial decisions that work for us.


Romans 12: 4-8 clearly states we each have different gifts. What are your financial tendencies and how can they be used to help build your financial future? Storing Treasures goal is to help you unpack those behaviors and create a long term plan that works for you and your family.