A little about the people behind Storing Treasures

Mike Haswell

Mike HaswellMike Haswell, AFCPE, CPCU, is passionate about teaching financial principles to help people become free from the worries over debt and money. He has been independently involved with volunteer financial counseling through different churches and organizations over the past decade.

In his years of counseling, he has seen similar problems caused by similar issues. Families were in financial trouble due to an inability to communicate effectively about money, a lack of basic financial skills and knowledge and, most of all, poor decisions that were in conflict with their overall belief system.

His goal was to build a financial program that dealt not only with the money issues but also the personal issues behind them. His desire was to build a financial system different than any other on the market. Rather than a single set approach that everyone had to adopt, he wanted to design a program that had the flexibility to adapt to people’s varying personalities and needs. In short, a financial plan they could understand and stick with for life.

Mike (Storing Treasures Financial Personality: Statesman) is the Owner of Storing Treasures. He has a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Georgia Tech and has designations in both AFPCE and CPCU. He is serving as a current board member of the School of Economics at Georgia Tech since February of 2014.

Mike has worked in the insurance industry for almost 18 years in various leadership roles. He has also taught numerous financial management classes in different churches throughout the past 20 years and created the Storing Treasures Program in 2004 to help individuals better understand themselves regarding money.

Mike has previous experience as an officer in church leadership and is currently on the Board of a ministry that provides support to single mothers. He is married to Tonya (Storing Treasures Financial Personality: Cruise Director), they have four children, and live in Lawrenceville, GA.

Vista Parisoe-McSkulin, Executive Assistant

Vista’s role with Storing Treasures is to support the organizations and families in making STAFF a valuable and successful financial tool. You can reach Vista at vista@storingtreasures.com.

Vista Parisoe-McSkulin, PhD, has worked serving others in the insurance, business and financial management industry. After years of being self-employed, she realized a personal calling and pursued a PhD in Christian Clinical Counseling from Florida Christian University, in Orlando, Florida.

During the last 3 ½ years Vista has enjoyed the rewarding experience as the Director of Counseling for Wolf Creek Academy, a Therapeutic Boarding School for Teens, in North Carolina. She used her gifting to help teens and parents find hope in their seemingly hopeless situations. After eighteen months she was promoted to Program Director. While there, she blended her training to lead others in helping families in times of crisis. She still serves as a consultant for Wolf Creek.

Her marriage last November to Dr. Randy McSkulin, influenced her strongly to relocate to Hoschton, Georgia. Together they have two daughters, three sons and eight grandchildren.